A Blue Tale?

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Blue who believed that no one cared about him, not even his own family. No one at school seemed to understand him, so he began to believe the worst about himself and his life. Every day Blue went to school, he actually learned to be alone, convinced that he would never be able to keep up with the other kids, play on a team with the other boys, or just be able to point to one classmate that he could call his friend. His belief that he was a misfit, convinced him that he did not deserve any better than his isolated and sad life.


Because of Blue’s sadness, his parents decided to move him to a specialized school where he became fascinated with learning the Mandarin language and all about the Chinese culture. It seemed with these lessons, everyone was starting over, and Blue could see that he was not behind the others as each child went about his or her daily lessons. Now, Blue began to view himself differently, for as he became more and more familiar with the areas of Chinese culture and Mandarin language, he realized that he could learn and that now he had interesting stories to share with the other boys in his scout troop and in his Sunday School class. As Blue began to believe in himself again, he began to take chances in his learning and realized that school was indeed, fun!

Soon after, Blue became an expert at his new school, serving as a tour guide for new families and participating in the Big Brother program. where he now had a chance to give a new boy the help that he once needed. Helping others find their way was a new experience for Blue. He now thought, “Who could be better at this than me?!” That was the day Blue realized he really was proud of himself!

Blue could now see that his family’s love and pride had always been there with him. He just couldn’t feel them through his skin, thickened by his pain and isolation. As a result of his experiences and newfound confidence, Blue was now better prepared for high school, envisioning vivid dreams and setting lofty goals! Blue is prepared to succeed, and ready to get up when he doesn’t!